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If you’ve been following my blog from the very beginning, you already know that I’m making a lot of changes and steps towards living a life of meaning. Part of this journey is embracing minimalistic practices. I started by listening to The Minimalists podcast – taking bits and pieces of what people have done in their own lives and adapted it for my own use.

So what have I done so far?

s-l300Several trips to Goodwill and ARC, a local thrift store. I’ve also packed up my car with a bunch of stuff and gave it away to one of my really good friends. One of the things I gave her was my favorite teddy bear, Clancy. At one time, he was the official bear of Pottery Barn Kids. I bought him back in 2003, saving him for the day I’d have my own children. Since that day hasn’t come, I thought my friend’s daughter would enjoy having him more than collecting dust on my shelf.

img_5693The other night I was going through a bunch of old photo albums including a few my parents had given me a few years back. It was fun seeing all the old baby photos, my dad with his super fly mustache, and fun road trips. It’s amazing how many pictures of “nothing” I found. Printed doubles of several shots of Jaws at Universal Studios and so many others. Into the recycling bin they all went. A few I’ve shared on Facebook, others I made piles and mailed them out to friends for them to enjoy. Can’t wait to hear their reaction to the surprise about to arrive in their mailboxes. Now I’m left with a box of photos to scan.

For nicer clothing and shoes I use an online secondhand store called threadUP. You can order one of their Clean Out bags, which is super convenient to use. Fill it up and then drop it off at the post office or FedEx shipment center. The prepaid postage label is already on the bag. Some items they pay you upfront where others are paid on consignment. Luckily a lot of the brands I wear are the ones they take. I’ve used it several times and absolutely love it. Last Sunday, I dropped off a bag full of shoes and it felt great to get it out the door.

Play It Again Sports was another stop I made this past weekend. I had some ski stuff and ice skates. Some of my items they paid cash upfront and a few on consignment. Unfortunately they were unable to take the two pairs of skis as the bindings were a tad on the old side, but they kept them to repurpose them. Sometimes they donate non-sellable items and others they recycle. In the store was one of those ski chairs. So who knows…maybe my old K2 Miss Demeanors will end up as someone’s patio furniture!

Next on the list is donating a bunch of books to the local library and more trips to Goodwill. If anyone is in need of a spice rack, shoot me an email. 🙂




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