Social media favorites

There’s a lot of crap on social media. Political posts. Alternative news. Whining. Drama. You name it, you can most definitely find it. If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh (mostly NSFW), here are a few things I follow and find hilariously funny.Enjoy and you’re welcome! 😉


  • @50NerdsofGrey50nerds-of-grey
    Admit it. You’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey series or at least seen one of the movies. If not, you probably still know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, what rock have you been hiding under? Well, there’s a nerd out there who’s decided to have a bit of fun with all this. Pretty darn funny if you ask me!
  • @TheTweetOfGodtweet-of-god
    If God had a Twitter account and a sick yet funny sense of humor, these tweets are probably what you can expect from Him. Remember the power outage during the 2013 Super Bowl? Well, shortly after that happened, “God” tweeted “My bad.” At least He is aware of his mistakes and can admit to them. Hilarious.


  • @freerangeburrito (also available on Facebook, Twitter, and the web)insta-free-range-burrito
    Sometimes you pick up some amazing friends along the way when you date someone. Chris went to high school with an ex-boyfriend. I met him and his family several times on trips out to the Austin, TX area where he lives. This guy is damn funny, and so is his comic strip. He started out doing stand up comedy and improv. Fate would have it that Chris was meant to entertain us not only through his antics in person and on social media, but now we are lucky to have access to this hilarious comic strip called Free Range Burrito. Sometimes it’s all I need to make me chuckle when it’s been a tough day.
  • @fuckjerry insta-fkjerry
    Funny memes galore are ever overflowing from this Instagram gem. It’ll keep you laughing, chuckling, and scrolling for hours on end. Heck, there’s even a game available that resembles “Cards Against Humanity” called “What Do You Meme.” So the next time you’re on some form of public transportation and trying to avoid eye contact with the person sitting across from you, or just killing some time and need to be entertained for a quick moment, pull up this puppy and enjoy!!!
  • @1_st_world_problemsinsta-1st-world-problems
    This one is a great place to laugh at ourselves and the stupid things we fret about. Keeps things in perspective, but in a lighthearted way. Ideal followers of this Instagram account are usually in need of a little reality check with a chuckle. Make sure to follow this one!


  • WTForecastwtforecast
    Alright, not technically a social media platform, but it might as well be! The other day when the temps dropped below freezing, I was dying to see what my WTForecast app had in store for me. Current temp, 15 degrees. WTForecast slice of wisdom, “It’s cold like a motherfucker, today.” Indeed it was. I think I saw a friend on Facebook post this ridiculously hysterical source of entertainment, and I had to check it out for myself. Once I downloaded the app, adjusted the profanity setting, I was ready to roll! My first WTForecast read, “Hey Mother Nature. Go shit in your hand.” Up it went onto my Facebook feed and others followed suit. I was thoroughly entertained to see WTForecast goodies my friends from all over received. Download it – you won’t regret it!


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