There are things in this world that are in your control, and those that aren’t.

Not in your control…

  • Weather…not even the weatherman has a say
  • Water temperature (amongst other things)…I’m talking to all the crazy triathletes
  • Other people…as much as you’d like to think you can

So what is in your control?

  • How you react to EVERYTHING

Pretty simple, isn’t it?


I’ve been often accused of being reacting indifferently to various things, but there is a reason. I’m in control. I’m in control of how I want to react. Have I always been this way? Absolutely not. Getting caught up in the bandwagon of drama and emotions – yep, it’s happened to me countless times. But as I’ve gotten older and realized how exhausting it was to be around people and things that festered this sort of energy, I decided to take control and put my filter up.

What’s really sad is I’ve seen women in my life fall victim to the bandwagon. Some of them driven and successful in their professional lives. Some are amazing parents. Some I would think would have the maturity to hold it together when trivial shit hits the fan. Perhaps it’s their way of bonding with other women. I can think of many other ways to bond with my fellow females that’s more productive use of my energy. But it seems there’s something about that 2nd X chromosome that makes us act crazy and overreact. Who knows.

controlThere would be times I would show up to races and people would be freaking out. What’s the point? I knew if I had prepared enough (or not) and there wasn’t anything else I could do about it. The only thing I had control of was how I reacted. Did I prepare enough to safely complete the task at hand? Sure…and if I didn’t, then I had to make the decision whether I was going to proceed or not and move on.

As easy as it would be to have a pity party about all the crazy things, I fight every single day to not let things get to me…and if I seem to be indifferent about what to eat for lunch, deciding what to wear to a party, or not responding to a group text message that is 50-miles long, I probably have bigger things on my plate to worry about…or I’d rather be riding my bike.



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