lumbersexual-memeI am truly in amazement how this has become a thing. You see a lot of it in Colorado for obvious reasons. Denver is slowly becoming the breeding ground of hipsters and there’s a lot of crossover between them and lumbersexuals. Because of the growing fad to grow a beard, apparently some razor companies are struggling due to the drop in usage. How funny and interesting.

Do I find lumbersexuals attractive? It depends. Some people look good with a beard, others do not. Some are well kept, some just look like a jungle gone out of control. Add in the man bun, and we have another interesting discussion to add to the mix. The last 4-5 years spent in the triathlon world, you just don’t see a lot of beards. It’s not very aero. Ha.

My really good friend Ifer is a big fan of lumbersexuals. She loves them so much that she 13237760_10208607006866821_364017865930979308_ntakes selfies with random bearded men and posts these pictures in her “Bearded Men” album on Facebook. Her friends (myself included) even post selfies with bearded men to her timeline.

Now I can’t help notice bearded men and the urge to take selfies with them all for my dear friend. It has become somewhat of an unofficial treasure hunt. Now that she is working for the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), or as I call the “Land of Lumbersexuals”, she is giddy as a schoolgirl in a candy store.

hzzwvugOne of her funny stories of approaching a lumbersexual guy was at a bar. When she asked him politely, his girlfriend was standing right by him. The girlfriend was so floored and excited by the request that she began to “groom” her boyfriend’s beard – getting him ready for the selfie. Hilarious.

Personally, I could care less if a guy was clean shaven or has facial hair…just as long as he can pull it off. My man? Not so much. Anything beyond two days, it’s got to go!



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