One Foot Out the Door

A wise and funny friend of mine recently told me, when you turn 40 – it’s like you have one foot out the door.

Given the life expectancy of humans has increased over the years, it’s not uncommon for someone to live well into their 80s. But say if life ended at 80 years old, that’s still pretty darn good. So turning 40, is kind of the benchmark that you’ve made it half-way.

So, what is a person to do with the 2nd half of your life? Start a new career? Travel more? Heck, some are crazy enough to just walk away from their current life and relationships and start anew…but at least they’re trying.

If you lived as if you had one foot out the door what would you do? What would you do differently? Would you keep the same friends? Would you stay in your current relationship? Home? School? Job? Try something knew? Work on your bucket list? Or would you continue on doing the same thing over and over?

A few mornings ago I had a discussion with my buddy Bill regarding what we spend our money on.  He managed to save some cash on a major home repair, and he thought about using that money to sign up for another IRONMAN. My response, “why would you do that when you can go book a trip to Iceland?” This came not long after a short banter about my upcoming trip to the land of fire and ice. IRONMAN vs trip to Iceland. Seemed like a no brainer to me.

Another friend reached out to see what I was up to. He mentioned that he and his wife live vicariously through me. As flattering as that may be for some to hear, it actually saddens me. I don’t ever want to hear someone tell me that. It makes me sad that their outlet to living is watching me live mine. I told him to stop, and start living his own life. To get out and do stuff. No matter how big or small. Just go. Maybe that’s why reality TV is so popular. It’s easier to live your life through others than to live your own. Dunno. I’m too busy getting out living my own.

One foot out the door. How are you going to live??


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